The Best chairside patient education App

Impress your patients, surprise yourself.

Dentool is a iOS App for Ipad developed specifically to help dentists to be more effective in the explanation of dental treatments and conditions to their patients.

56 Full HD latest
generation 3D Videos

Make presentations showing different treatment videos of 6 specialties (Cosmetics and aesthetics, Implantology, Oral health, Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics). All our videos are produced by specialized dentists in different areas and by a highly experienced graphic team of professionals in 3D content development.

Real images, videos and X-rays

Add images and x-rays with the camera or from your gallery. Use more than 30 3D objects (implants, crowns, teeth, abutments…) from our library and place them over your selected images or x-rays to explain treatment plans to your patients. You can also import real or 3D videos and add them to your Dentool library.

Draw, save and send

Draw over the images and x-rays, save the results and send the treatment plan to your patient.

Subtitles in 10 different languages

English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Galician, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Italian.

  • More than 200 videos of dental treatments in 3D of last generation.
  • Email treatment plans to your patients.
  • Capture images from videos, edit and show your patients real-time treatment plans.
  • Import x-rays and plan your treatment over them, with multiple 3D icons.
  • Specialties of Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Conservative and Oral Considerations.
  • Create your own templates to explain dental treatments to your patients.
  • Create patient charts with your treatment plans and share them by email.
  • Update your dental clinic by modernizing your image.
  • Import your own real or 3D videos to your Dentool library